If you are selling, you need to be aware of the costs including:

Preparation of Property

This may include painting, gardening, maintenance, de-cluttering, tidying and cleaning so that the property is presented in an optimum manner. Work carried out is at the owner's expense. We will provide you with a checklist to help you dtermine what preparation needs to be done.

Agent's Fees

The scale of fees charged by Anderson Davies Real Estate is negotiable and therefore can be designed to suit your individual requirements. They are G.S.T inclusive. An approximate guideline is 2.2%.

Marketing Charges

When selling your property will be advertised in the West Australian, Post Newspaper, Anderson Davies Real Estate Website,, We have a marketing schedule which we go through with you to decide what specifically you want to do. We will offer advise as to what will work best for your particular property.
Auctions more often involve higher costs.

Legal Costs

In both the sale and purchase of a property it is recommended that a legal representative (settlement agent or solicitor) carry out the conveyance of the property. (See standard conveyancing charges sheet from The Australian Institute of Conveyancing Western Australia).

White Ant Clearance Certificate

A White Ant Clearance Certificate is generally made a condition of purchase and is paid for by the buyer. Should treatment or repair work be necessary, the costs are borne by the seller.

Sundry Expense

Provision should be made for removal charges, mail redirection charges and other sundry items.

Building Inspection

Many buyers pay a builder to do a significant defects report to make sure there are no surprise repairs or problems after settlement.

50 Vincent Street, Nedlands - "The selling process with Mark in charge was as smooth and stress free as we could have wished for. Mark held our hands through the whole process from getting our house picture perfect for sale right through to the end of sale process all with his no nonsense, calm approach. Thank you Mark, we'd have no hesitation in using your services again."