Pusey's Puffs: The Famous Nedlands Bakery

Pusey's Puffs is local Nedlands bakery that's well worth a visit. Run by friendly locals John and Sonja Pusey, Pusey's Puffs serves a range of baked goods that are hugely popular not only with Nedlands locals, but with customers from all over.

As a regular to the store, I have only good things to say about both the atmosphere and the food at Pusey's Puffs. Made from scratch from organic ingredients, the baked goods are always first-class, fresh and tasty.

As the name suggests, Pusey's Puffs' signature dish is the Pusey Powder Puff. Composed of fluffy sponge cake, cream and jam, Pusey Powder Puffs are well-loved by the residents of Nedlands and beyond. As well as being delicious, they are so light that you would be easily convinced they are good for you!

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Liberty Fuels Nedlands: Great service, time tested values


Wouldn't it be great if there was a local business that would pour your fuel for you?

Wouldn't it be even better if, when your battery went flat just as you needed to take the kids to school, that local business would save the day by dropping off a new battery?

For Nedlands residents, this isn't a dream – local fuel station Liberty Fuels makes this kind of top-notch service a reality.

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