38 Rockton SOLD prior to AUCTION

photo-3Not long on the market and this old gem sold before it's scheduled Auction date. Walking distance to College Park this 923sqm block is in a highly sought after location. It's no surprise this went quickly.

38 Rockton up for Auction

and the proceeds are destined for several charities.. Agent Mark Anderson is also donating a portion of his commission to charity as well.

SKMBT C45214080412440

The Top 5 Landmarks That Make Nedlands Liveable

The lifestyle enjoyed by Nedlands residents largely comes down to one thing: location. Here, I detail five of the nearby landmarks that make Nedlands such a desirable place to live.

The foreshore is not only accessible for people that live in Nedlands and other river-precinct suburbs, it's also very accessible for everybody to use.

The openness of the area enhances its community feel, particularly on weekends. Different times of the day see different types of action – from soccer games and rugby union to the activity of multiple yacht clubs.

The University of Western Australia has traditionally been a drawcard for people to live in the area, to a point where a family with kids that were were perhaps 2-3 years away from finishing school would buy nearby, allowing them to take advantage of being close to the university after high school graduation.

Property close to the university is also attractive for investors, who often show interest in nearby properties as a way to bring in rental returns. An investor looking at purchasing a unit within walking distance of UWA, for example, knows that there's a high chance that property will be in high demand due to the location's popularity with students.

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Property Cycles

As outlined in the previous newsletter I will continue with my thoughts on Residential Property investing. Although we continually refer to an average compound capital growth of around 9% per year, it is not constant each and every year. In reality, property values tend to increase in cycles. In some years growth could be nothing, yet in others could be 40-50%. For people who want to invest short-term, the timing of cyclical events have an impact. However for the others who are long-term property investors the fluctuations even out.

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